Fire calls

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Auto Accident in Penn Twp.

Saturday March 26 shortly after 07:00 units were dispatched for an auto accident in Penn Twp in the area of 1090 Centerville Road. Units arrived to find a suv that struck a tree. Engine 49 crew assisted with poping the door before being placed in service by Chihef 50. Photos by Larry Davidson

Field Fire in Penn Twp

Brush 49 was dispatched along with Company 50 units for a field fire on Tuesday March 22. Brush 49 and Brush 50 arrived and extinguished the corn field fire before going avalable a short time later. Photos by Chris Alleman



Chimney Fire in North Newton Twp.

On Sunday March 20 around noon units were alerted for a chimney fire in the 400 Block of Springfield Road in North Newton Twp. Crews arrived to find a blocked chimney and Chief 147 quickly reduced the box to Engine 49, Engine 247 and Truck 53. Units operated for a short time before going available. Photos by Denny Clopper

Fire destroys house in Dickinson Twp.

Tanker 49 was dispatched at 02:49 for a house fire at 1352 Pine Rd in Dickinson Twp. Original call was dispatched at 02:40. First arriving units found heavy fire on side D. Tanker 49 was held on the hard road until Tanker 150 was empty and then we supplied Engine 150. The 2 crew members on Tanker 49(FF Kovach & Captain Murray) were then assigned to assist with overhaul inside along with Chief 49. Tanker 49 went available at 05:41. Photos by Denny Clopper

Early morning fire in Penn Township

This morning around 2 am units were alerted and responded to a reported chimney fire in the 100 blk of Hair Road. While enroute county advised Chief 150 that there may be extension. Upon arrival of Engine 49 & Engine 247 it was confirmed that there was extension in the wall of an old 2 story farmhouse, the home owner had a garden hose and had the fire knocked down. Extensive overhaul was performed by crews from 49, 47, 50, 52 and 53 who operated on the scene for around 2 hours before being placed in service by Command 50 (Chief 150). The family was lucky that there were no injuries because thay had no smoke detectors in the house. Photos by Larry Davidson. 

Engine 49 on the 2nd alarm house fire in Newville Boro

On Tuesday February 1st Engine 49 was dispatched to a 2 alarm hose fire on Main Street in Newville Boro. Engine 49 was assigned to report to side C of the structure and prepare to supply the Truck (Engine 53) Engine 49 crew assisted with overhaul before being placed in service by Command 47. Photos by Denny Clopper.

Engine 49 covers the "BIG HOUSE"

This morning around 5:30 Engine 49 was alerted and responded to Station 4 " THE BIG HOUSE" in Chambersburg while they operated on a 2 alarm house fire. Engine 49 was placed available about 2 hours later.

Hit and Run on Oakville Rd

On Wednesday night (1-19-2011) units were dispatched for an auto accident with a vehicle into a pole. After responding county advised units the patient had fled the scene. Engine & Chief 49 arrived to confirm there was no patient and the vehicle was still there blocking part of the road and a PP&L pole had been struck and sheared. Crews from 49 and 47 controlled the hazards and went available. Fire Police and State Police remained until the car was removed. Photos by Larry Davidson

Another call on the "I" in Penn Twp.

Last Evening Company 49 along with Company 50 were dispatched for a car fire in the area of Exit 37 N/B. Shortly after dispatch Ambulance 73 was passing by the scene and advised it was north of Exit 37 and fire was visible. A short time later Ambulance 47 arrived with a working car fire at the accel ramp out of the plaza. Engine 150 arrived and put a quick knock on the fire. Engine 49 arrived and sent its manpower up to assist. All units cleared a short time later. Photo by Larry Davidson

Chimney Fire In North Newton Twp.

Thursday January 6th Company 49 along with other units responded to a Chimney fire on Oakville Rd in North Newton Twp. Comman 47 quickly reduced the box to Engine 247, Engine 49 and Truck 53. Crews checked for extension before going available. Photo by Larry Davidson

Yet another Interstate Mess

Around 2:30 this morning Engine 49 along with other units were dispatched to I81 NB in the area of 35.5 for an auto accident with entrapment involving 2 tractor trailers. First arriving EMS unit advised the correct location was just north of the NB rest area. The driver of unit 1 was ok and the driver of unit 2 was self extricated and transported to the hospital. Command 50 (Asst Chief Beecher) placed Engine 49 in service a short time later. NB I81 will remain closed for several hours while the cleanup continues. Photos by Dan Burkett

First call of the year, Accident with entrapment on the Interstate

This morning around 4:30 am Engine 49 along with other units were dispatched  for an accident with entrapment on I-81 at 35.5 N/B. Engine 49 arrived with Squad 54 just behind us and we worked together to to extricate the driver of unit 2. After extrication was complete the driver was transferred to Ambulance 47 before being loaded into Life Lion. Command 50 (Chief Alleman) held Engine 49 and Rescue 50 until the majority of the wreck was cleared up by Johns Mobile . Photos by Denny Clopper and Larry Davidson  

Chimney fire in Southampton Twp.

 Today Company 49 responded to a chimney fire on Kline Road in Southampton Twp. Engine 49 crew checked for extension before being placed in service by Command 52. Photos by Denny Clopper

Another busy day for the 49 house

Yesterday was another busy day for Company 49 with 4 runs. The day started around 07:42 for an overturned tractor trailer on I-81 in Penn Twp. in the area of 35.5 S/B. Engine 49 was placed in service by Chief 50 just prior to arriving on the scene. The second call was a brush fire to the rear of 30 East Main St in Walnut Bottom, South Newton Twp around 13:30. Brush 49 arrived to find a 10 x 10 area and returned to service in a few minutes. The third call came in at 16:27 and took us back out onto I-81 S/B in South Newton Twp. for a reported vehicle fire. Upon arrival, Chief 49 found it to be a disabled vehicle and the box was placed in service. The last call of the evening came in just after 22:00 for Tanker 49 to respond to a house fire in Lurgan Twp. Franklin County on Mowersville Road. A short time later Engine 49 was also requested to the scene. Tanker 49 arrived and staged and the Engine crew assisted with overhaul. Company 49 units were placed in service around midnight. T/T rollover photo stolen from Co 47 - House fire photo by Denny Clopper

Christmas brings 3 call day

Yesterday Company 49 ran 3 calls, First was a possible gas leak in the area of 560 Walnut Bottom Rd in Southampton Twp around 17:00. Company 49 arrived to find a gas line feed going into JLG had blown the pop off valve. Units staged and monitored the air in the area until UGI arrived and secured the leak, we cleared in about an hour. The second call came in around 20:00 and was for manpower at the scene of a house fire in Upper Frankford Twp. in Bloserville. Engine 49 arrived and assisted with overhaul pulling some ceiling and cleaning debris out of a room on Division 1. We were on scene for a little over an hour before being placed in service by Command 48. The 3rd call came in around 23:00 for a medical assist in North Newton Twp. House fire photos by Denny Clopper

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