Fire calls

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2 calls in 1 day on the Interstate

Yesterday crews were on the Interstate 2 times in 1 day. The first was South Newton Twp. mile marker 32 southbound for an auto accident. Engine 49 arrived and held the box to Engine 49, minor accident. Later in the day Brush 49 was dispatched to Southampton Twp., mile marker 31 southbound for a grass fire. Brush 49 arrived to find the fire in South Newton Township in the area of the Hammond Road overpass and held the box to Brush 49 and 52. Units cleared a short time later. Photos by Chase Clippinger

Auto Accident with Entrapement - Cooke Township

Yesterday afternoon Engine 49 was dispatched to Cooke Twp. - Centerville Road in the area of Pine Tree Drive. County reported a single vehicle off the road into a tree with entrapment. Chief 26 arrived confirming dispatch and had Engine 49 stage at the Penn Twp building to set up a landing zone if needed. A short time later command advised they would need to fly the patient and  requested we establish a landing zone at Company 50. After Engine 49 was at the landing zone Command requested Engine 49 transport the Flight Crew to the scene due to the extended extrication time. While enroute to the scene Engine 49 was advised by command upon arrival to send our manpower to the scene to assist with the extrication. Total extrication time was over an hour before the patient was loaded into Ambulance 47 and transported to the landing zone where the patient was then flown to an unknown hospital. Good JOB by all involved. Photo by Denny Clopper

John Deere tractor split in half

Yesterday afternoon crews were preparing to attend the annual Path Vally Parade adn were call to an accident in South Newton Townhip in the area of 199 Stoughstown Road. It was reported that a pick up truck was overturned and a tractor was split in half. Chief 49 arrived on the scene and confirmed dispatch with 1 patient from the truck self extracated, the driver of the tractor uninjured. Crews assisted with patient care and fluid control before clearing the scene.

Another crash in North Newton Township

Yesterday around 14:50 units were alerted to Ritner Highway and Big Spring Road in North Newton Township for an auto accident. Units handled patient care and contoled the hazards before going in service. Photos to follow.

AFA turns into a basement fire in Cooke Twp.

Friday night July 19 Company 49 was alerted to 4 Katie Lane in Cooke Twp for an Automatic Fire Alarm. While enroute county updated units that this was now reported as a basement fire. Engine 49 arrived to confirm dispatch. Photos by Dan Define Company 50

Auto accident in North Newton Township

Yesterday units were dispatched to the intersection of Oakville Road and Shippensburg Road for an auto accident with a vehicle overturned. Units arrived to find a pole sheared off and a pick up truck overturned.

Not your everyday fill site

Yesterday afternoon Brush 49 was alerted to Southampton Twp. on Ott Road assisting Company 52 with haybales on fire. A short time later Engine 49 was alerted and was sent to establish a fill site. Engine 49 ended up in the bottom of the Quarry at Valley Quarries on Newville Road. We were in operation for less than an hour before being placed in service by Command 52. While in operation the Goodyear Blimp flew over.

Grass fire in Penn Township

Saturday Brush 50 and 49 as well as a Tanker from Company 50 was alerted for a grass fire, the 1500 blk of Walnut Bottom Road. Brush 49 arrived to find an unattended fire that had spread into some high standing grass. The fire was quickly extinguished and the tanker was placed in service. All units cleared in about 20 minutes. Photo by Chase Clippinger

Fatal on the I

Friday morning June 7th, Company 49 units along with Company 50, 47 and Squad 54 were dispatched to Penn Township in the area of mile marker 34.5 southbound. A rollback going north crossed the median and struck a tractor trailer head on. There was also another tractor trailer that rolled over and a Mini Van that swerved to miss the collision involved. Engine 147 started with the Rollback and found that driver was deceased. The driver of the tractor trailer was pinned and Engine 49 crew and Squad 54 crew worked to extricate that driver. Units operated on the scene for about 2 hours before being placed in service by command 50. The Interstate was closed for hours while the State Police did scene reconstruction and cleanup. Traffic 49 operated until just after 15:00 at exit 37 for traffic control. Photos by Larry Davidson

House Fire in Penn Twp.

Last evening shortly after 8 pm units were dispatched for a house fire. Lt. 147 arrived first reporting heavy smoke from division 2. Engine 49 and Utility 49 responded with 10 personel. Initial crews made a good stop on the fire and it was contained to division 2. Company 49 was released by command 50 about 2 hours later. Photos by Denny Clopper

Accident on Oakville Road

Early Tuesday evening units were dispatched to the intersection of Oakville Road and Ritner Hwy for an auto accident. Units checked the area and found nothing at the intersection. County then advised this may be on Oakville Road. Engine 49 arrived on Oakville road about 3/4 mile off Rt. 11 to find a single vehicle that struck a pole and was partly blocking the road. Hazards were secured and we were released by PSP a short time later. Photo by Denny Clopper

Crash with fly-out in the Township

Crews were dispatched last Thursday April 18 just before noon for an auto accident - South Newton Twp. - in the area of Chenelle Lane and Ritner Hwy. Chief 149/Engine 49 arrived and found the road to be blocked. EMS arrived and shortly after assuming patient care and requested to fly 1 patient. Squad 54 assisted with patient care and controlling hazards while Mini Pumper 47 was diverted to Company 49 to set up a Landing Zone. Photos by Denny Clopper

Company 49 covers Gettysburg for a night

Saturday night Engine and Traffic 49 along with Franklin County Engine 5-1 covered Adams County Company 1 while they attended their annual awards banquet. Engine & Traffic unit took the time to make it to the Battlefield for some phots and then later in the evening ran a medical call at Gettysburg College before returning home aroung 11:45.

House fire in Shippensburg Boro

Tuesday morning shortly after 06:00 Engine 49 was alerted to Transfer to Company 52. Just after responding County advised we were being diverted to the scene for the 2nd alarm assignment for a house fire (came in as a basement fire). Upon our arrival we sent our manpower foward to side A of the structure and stagged until being assigned to the Attic division to clear debris. We finished that assignment and Command 4 released Engine 49. Photos by Bill Johnson  

House Fire in Lower Mifflin Twp.

Tuesday evening Tanker 49 was dispatched as part of the second alarm house fire in the 800 block of Douling Gap Road. Upon arrival we supplied Engine 248. Tanker 49 dumped 2 loads before before being released by Command 47. 

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