Meat Raffle this saturday night

No plans for saturday night? Well come on out and join us for our Meat Raffle. Many meat rounds including your chance to win 1/2 HOG. Also if your a returning customer dont forget to bring your loyalty card. The meal will be cheeseburgers and Hot Sausages.

Building renovations

Last week renovations started in our Lounge area. We are replacing the lighting with lights that are energy efficient, new windows that are more efficient, drywall, a fresh coat of paint and lastly wax the floor. This should brighten things up a bit and save some money on energy.

Auto accident in North Newton Twp.

This accident occurred in the 700 block of Oakville Road, there were several injuries one of which was flown for medical treatment.

Fire Prevention reminder

Reminder, test your smoke detectors every month, change your batteries twice a year when you change your clocks and if your detectors are more than 10 years old call the fire department for a free new detector. It has been determined that after 10 years detectors can build up dirt and residue and not be accurate.

Meat Raffle Update

This Saturday our fall Meat raffle season starts. The meal will be Pork & Beef Bar-B-Q sandwiches and Chicken Corn Soup. Hope to see you and don't forget to bring a friend or two. Also this will be the first our newly renovated building has been occupied, let us now what you think.

South End Firefighters Outdoor Extravaganza 2014 Winners

South End Firefighters Outdoor Extravaganza

Saturday September 13, 2014 at the Roxbury Lions Club

Time Ticket # Winner Prize City
12:00 PM 6296 EHRHART, BOB $1,000 ORRSTOWN
12:05 PM 7770 Sites, Jeff $500  
12:10 PM 5138 Simon, Dave $500  
12:20 PM 1277 Robinson, Randall $500  
12:30 PM 1846 ROCKHOLT, JOEY $2,000  
12:35 PM 1624 BOCK, PATTY $500  
12:40 PM 7718 Bream, Kirby $500  
12:45 PM 1954 MORRISON, DOREEN $1,000  
12:50 PM 4407 BILGER, ROBERT J $500  
12:55 PM 8724 SITES, RON & DOT $500  
01:00 PM 7157 BURTNICK, TYLER Browning X-Bolt Comp Stk* SPRING GROVE
01:05 PM 2399 Burkett, Spurgeou Ruger M77 Hawkeye  
01:10 PM 7118 VANCA, FRED Benelli Nova 12ga PEEKSKILL
01:20 PM 5114 Windisch, Ed Tikka T3 Lite 308  
01:25 PM 2917 MATHNA, LARRY Savage Axis 270 SHIPPENSBURG
01:30 PM 5579 Washabaugh, John $500  
01:35 PM 1184 Yeager, Nick Stoeger Condor O/U 12ga  
01:40 PM 1064 Rosebonougl, Bernard Wiked Ridge Invader Crossbow  
01:45 PM 6562 LEHMAN, JOHN $500 CARLISLE
01:50 PM 6759 HORST, SHEENA Thompson Center Venture 7MM-08 SHIPPENSBURG
01:55 PM 2741 HEDGE, VIRGINIA Ruger LCP 380  
02:00 PM 7511 HOOVER, DAVE $3,500 YORK
02:05 PM 9467 Taylor, Matt Remington 700 SPS*  
02:10 PM 525 HARBOLIC, PAT & KEN Thompson Center Impact 50cal MONTROSE
02:15 PM 9318 Thorson, Robert $500  
02:20 PM 1158 BOWERMASTER, KELLI Henry Golden Boy 22LR  
02:25 PM 7697 MILLER, SHIRLEY Weatherby Vanguard S2 223 CROSS JUNCTION
02:30 PM 4508 RHONE, ABBY $500  
02:40 PM 6345 HUNTER, WILL Tikka T3 Lite 270  
02:45 PM 1124 DOYLE JR, TERRY LYNN $500  
02:50 PM 1530 Blue, Team Savage Axis 223  
02:55 PM 3728 SHAW, CHASE Ruger M77 Hawkeye 308 MERCERSBURG
03:00 PM 3747 PLOUTZ, MATT Polaris 500 ORRSTOWN
03:05 PM 4202 ASH, COREY Taurus Judge 45/410 HARPERS FERRY
03:10 PM 2591 TIMMONS, TOM $500  
03:15 PM 4465 WHITSEL, DALE Marlin 336W 30-30  
03:20 PM 9637 Stouffer, Matthew $500  
03:25 PM 2047 Rohr, Bob Savage 93R17F 17 HMR  
03:30 PM 8402 Greenland, Jeremiah $500  
03:35 PM 254 PETRIE, JOHN Remington 700 SPS* MECHANICSBURG
03:40 PM 8438 BOWERMASTER, KELLI $500  
03:45 PM 4693 BLAIR, TODD Thompson Center Triumph B/B 50 Cal  
03:55 PM 2999 S (Kaileybug S), Joe Smith & Wesson SD9VE 9MM CHAMBERSBURG
04:00 PM 2901 HIGH, ALAN Polaris 500 CHAMBERSBURG
04:05 PM 7499 SAMPSON, KAREN Browning X-Bolt Comp Stk* WALNUT BOTOM
04:10 PM 2437 Kerns, Carolyn Thompson Center Venture*  
04:15 PM 3952 LYNCH, WANDA $500  
04:20 PM 5250 Daywalt, Tyler Tikka T3 Lite 243  
04:25 PM 5003 Coffey, Ken Ruger M77 Hawkeye*  
04:30 PM 5359 Picking, Shawn $500  
04:35 PM 7048 HOUSER, JUDY Weatherby Vanguard S2* THOMASVILLE
04:40 PM 5889 WELLER, BOB Marlin 336W 30-30  
04:45 PM 2670 GEBHART, CHRISTOPHER $500  
04:50 PM 922 REATH, BILL Henry Golden Boy 22LR SHIPPENSBURG
04:55 PM 9464 HEFFLEc39
Remington 770 w/scope*  
05:00 PM 8125 Ellerman, Robin Polaris 500  
05:05 PM 5146 Hershey, Frank and Nickie Taurus Judge 45/410  
05:10 PM 545 KNUDSEN, R B (WHITEY) Savage 93G 22Mag MONTROSE
05:15 PM 7287 FETTEN, LARRY $500 MANHEIM
05:20 PM 2924 BURKHOLDER, ERICK Benelli Nova 12ga MERCERSBURG
05:25 PM 8649 BLEVINS, JIM Wicked Ridge Invader Crossbow  
05:30 PM 1280 Mower, John $500  
05:35 PM 309 COMP, GENE Tikka T3 Lite* NEWVILLE
05:40 PM 2338 Macak, Brandon Ruger M77 Hawkeye*  
05:45 PM 4561 GILBERT, MIKE $500  
05:50 PM 7309 LONGENECKER, TODD Thompson Center Impact 50 Cal MANHEIM
05:55 PM 599 DAILEY, CHRIS Remington 870 Express 12ga FREELAND
06:00 PM 899 GURNER, LOREN Polaris 500 CARLISLE
06:05 PM 4769 Zullinger, Jay Smith & Wesson SD40VE 40 S&E  
06:10 PM 4079 MINICH, JODY Remington Seven - SYN 243 CARLISLE
06:20 PM 4408 Reed, John Weatherby Vanguard S2*  
06:25 PM 1103 BAKER, KAY Henry Golden Boy 22LR  
06:30 PM 5405 Eiselman, Beth $500  
06:35 PM 6018 Herb, Dylan Marlin 336W 30-30  
06:40 PM 6747 KNISELY, SHIRLEY Ruger M77 Hawkeye* LANDISBURG
06:45 PM 7820 MARTIN JR, ROBERT C $500  
06:55 PM 3371 VOSATKA, BRIAN Browning X-Bolt Comp Stk* WESTFORD
07:00 PM 8245 Washabaugh, Todd $12,000  

Saturdays Raffle tickets are SOLD OUT!

For anyone who does not have a ticket for the raffle on Saturday, we are sorry, however if you know someone that got a ticket you may come as their guest and enjoy the day and play small games of chance.

Mifflin Firemans Fair

We would like to thank everyone who came out and supported the Mifflin Firemans Fair. The 2 winners of Carbon Monoxide alarms were Nancy Wagaman of Shippensburg and Charles Markley of Carlisle.

Building Renovations are under way

Sunday June 28 the contractor arrived at the fire station and started tearing the ceiling out of the banquet room. When the project is finished we should be alot more energy effeicent. We are replacing all the old windows and doors in the whole fire station. We will be installing new and better insulation, new drop ceiling and lights. We also are having new roll up doors put on the kitchen serving windows. Last will be a fresh coat of paint and a tile floor. To have a better flow of people at our events we are installing double doors to the parking lot and double dors into our overflow area (truck bay) This should all be finished by September for our fall meat raffle season to start.

Thanks again for your continued support

We would like to thank all those who came out and supported our annual firemans fair. We also would like to thank all of our sponsors who help us keep this event going and lastlty thanks to all those who volunteered time to make this happen. A special thanks to the members of West End Fire & Rescue who help us in the kitchen friday and saturday nights. We will be assisting them with thee fair stand at the Shippensburg Fair on Wednesday night July 23, stop by and say hello and support those who help us. Also you have another chance to come out and support us at the Mifflin Firemans Fair August 22 & 23. We will be selling burgers, hot dogs, Country Fried Ham Sandwiches and Beef Bar-B-Q. Newburg, Newville, Bloserville and Plainfield Fire Companies will also have food for sale.

Its almost Fair time!

It's that time of year again, time for all the local festivals and fairs. Make plans now to join us next Thursday, Friday and Saturday for our annual firemans fair. We have lots of GREAT homemade foods and games for children and adults. Lets not forget about the entertainment, bring your lawn chair and make an evening of it. Also NEW this year we will have a 4H petting zoo. Stop by on Thusday evening from 5 till 7 and see the folks from Red 102.3 FM. Friday evening stop by and see Walnut Bottoms own Larry Flood with WIOO 93.9 FM/97.9 FM/ AM 1000 and AM 1480. Lastly to wrap up the fair come out to see what some say is the BEST FIREWORKS dispaly in the Cumberland Valley sometime after dark saturday night. We look foward to seeing you and thank you for your continued support.

Winning numbers from yesterdays drawing announced

2:00 1411   3:00 1830   4:00 631
  101     328     1610
2:10 1512   3:10 1544   4:10 123
  449   3:20 584   4:20 1809
2:20 665   3:30 1546   4:30 1801
  298     1768     1771
2:30 905   3:40 1835   4:40 1460
2:40 1565   3:50 1730   4:50 1685
2:50 930            
5:00 881   6:00 958   7:00 848
  1127     129      
5:10 1275   6:10 1396      
5:20 994   6:20 32      
5:30 1670   6:30 246      
  570     1271      
5:40 1777   6:40 316      
5:50 919   6:50 1769      

September Outdoor Extravaganza tickets stuffed and ready for sale

Saturday April 26 members of Company 49 and 54 along with a group of girls from Shippensburg University worked on stuffing tickets into envelopes for our big Raffle in September. The tickets are $50 each and have lots of cash prizes, guns, 4 wheelers and a grand prize of $12,0000.00. The cost of the ticket also includes a steak & shrimp meal as well as burgers, Hot dogs and drinks ALL DAY LONG. Tickets will go fast so contact any member of the firehouse to get your tickets. Again a BIG THANK YOU goes out to the girls from Shippensburg University for thier help.

Meal announced for Meat Raffle

The meal for the Meat Raffle saturday night is Sausage sandwiches cooked on the Bar-B-Q pit or Meatball Sandwich and Soup. This is the last Meat Raffle for the spring and we will resume in September. Come out and bring a friend or two along and have a good evening while supporting a VOLUNTEER Fire Company. As always we appreciate your continued support.

Truck vs a pole in South Newton

On Tuesday crews responded to an accident on Furnace Hollow Road in the area of Foreman Mill Road, a pick up truck into a pole

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